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Jan 10, 2013 5:00am PST
between the towers and the coast guard says it is not certain which beacons were on the blink and cal tran which oversees the radar says the main beacon was working fine. they are also saying that the fenders of the base of the tower were working fine. >> no structural damage to the bay bridge as a result and we will not have to do work on the bridge other than to repair the collision with the fender system. >> that was the spokesman for cal tran. the metropolitan transportation committee says dam could -- damage could be $3 million on the fenders of the bridge because the damage in the still pictures provided by the metropolitan transportation committee show the damage above the water obviously but there is damage below the water. it takes spend quip mit and it is not easy to access so you could be talking $2 million or $3 million in damage. >> thank you very much. a mother who waited 24 years for news of her missing daughter will have to wait even longer. d.n.a. testing on bone fragments found proved they are not the remains of macalla kidnapped in 1998 when she was nine. authoritie
Jan 8, 2013 5:00am PST
sixth tower of the western span. the ship and the fender system were damaged and cal tran did a safety evaluation and say the damage only amounts to a scrape and no repairs are needed to the bridge. abc7 was the first to report the ship collision and we tweeted the news after it happened. follow us there at abc7 news bay area. right now we have a slide show with pictures of the damaged ship and the bridge support the man accused of pouring gasoline on his girlfriend and setting her on fire is jailed in san francisco this morning on attempted murder charges. our reporter is like at st. francis hospital where the victim is fighting for her life. amy has more on his capture. amy? >> she has a long recovery ahead of her. her family says now they can all feel safe. her sisters said they felt very nervous when dexter oliver was out on the run. they say they were looking behind their backs. he now is in jail. police arrested him last night around 9:00. they found him in a hotel in oakland and police say he surrendered peacefully. he is accused of setting the 25-year-old starr lamare on fire.
Jan 9, 2013 5:00am PST
and a tow truck on the scene. you could find delay beyond the scene. cal train says the northbound 101 train is late ten minutes. muni and bart and other mass transit is looking good. abc7 app shows 205 mountain house parkway toward stockton we have foggy weather from the central valley which could slow things moving westbound toward 580 with heavy traffic on 205 according to our traffic spotters. this is a free app from apple's app and google play to get you navigating your commute. moving from 580 and 880 to the south and 80 westbound toward toll plaza, traffic is moving nicely. kristen and eric? >> the landmark church in the capitol in washington, dc, and the national cathedral take as stand over same-sex marriage. >> and root canal and erskine mh laboratories, which are will consider whether to block a suit by the u.s. government for the bailout of the company, a group filed the suit on behalf of the firm and shareholders and the complaint says the government did not provide shareholders just compensation when they took 80 percent stake in the insurance company part of a bailou
Jan 14, 2013 5:00am PST
southern cal. no travel worries here. >> a minor delay in mountain view southbound 85 beyond 101. we have a stalled bus blocking the left lane where no injuries and they are working on getting a bus tow truck to clear that. new accident northbound 680 in the san jose area a driver fell asleep but no injuries involved. this is in the northbound and we are in the clearing stages. and getting busy on 80 on the way to the macarthur maze. >> you need to monitor your teens' online activity but a study shows why it is extra important for girls. researchers studied girls 14 to 17 and 30 percent met in person one individual who they first met online. at least 20 percent reported and online sexual solicitation. half the girls in the study were victims of abuse or necessityject -- neglect more prone to internet behaviors. >> a program to make it safer for kids to bike or walk to school is working and could be expanded. the safe routes to school program is in effect in many cities including the bay area. columbia university researchers evaluated the program in new york and found injuries to
Jan 6, 2013 5:00am PST
yards to keep the drive alive on fourth down. ball ton to jones, the former cal star. five yards shy, he never saw the ball again. houston gets them again and texans play at new england next sunday. >>> warriors with a 21 point win over the clippers wednesday night but that was at oracle. last night's game at staple and l.a., exacting some revenge. steph curry driving. missing. he has his back. l.a., though, they would dominate from then on. blake griffin, 2 of 11 shooting wednesday, 14 first quarter points, finished with 20. that capped the 19-2 run for the clipper lead. harris and barns stopped the bleeding a little there. but warriors, just 12 points and matt barnes makes it 35 - 12. chris paul, 27 in the game, drains the three. clippers up 23. just how go was it going for the clippers? eric bledsoe, shot clock winding down. made it. the loss. clippers roll 115-89. >>> santa clara coach wanted a full house saturday night nor tenth-ranked gonzaga, but students are still out on winter break. so he offered a $100 hotel reimbursement out of his own pocket to students who live on campu
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5